About us

We are building virtual relationships by connecting the asset manager with key investors and sharing personalized content that matches their investor preferences.

We are redesigning the distribution of financial information, and our global first approach makes it possible for the asset manager to reach a much greater audience and for the investor to locate the unique investor opportunity.

Our engine is built using advanced machine learning and analytics of investor behavior to develop a personalized algorithm tailored to meet the criteria of each investor.


Coherra – Building the leading digital media for finance


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Who we are

Coherra is built by entrepreneurs from the financial industry. With decade long careers in capital markets and asset management, they are now determined to make distribution and sales digital.

Our global team creates a single point of entry to engage the world of financial media content. Helping industry professionals and individuals create, distribute and discover financial video content.

What we do

Using an omnichannel AI-rich distribution model, we are building virtual relationships between asset allocators and asset seekers, enabling engagement. 

We connect the entire financial ecosystem:

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Intelligent content

We use advanced machine learning and analytics of investor behavior to build algorithms tailored to each investor’s criteria. This data-driven understanding of investor preferences and behavior sharpens digital communication and messaging for a richer and more rewarding experience.

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