What is your investment thesis? What are the most suitable investment opportunities for institutions and individuals, whether they are new to the industry or seasoned experts? What are the risk / reward considerations? Higher Sharpe with low drawdowns? Define the sweet spot and build it 💪.

🔹Discretionary macro
🔹Beta, trend following
🔹ETF and direct coin ownership
🔹Risk parity index
🔹Alpha generation
🔹Whether used as an overlay to beta or as a standalone option, there are many options ideal for more conservative investors.

Let’s dive 🤿 into creating a solid investment strategy and portfolio in the world of digital assets, and explore the best ways to navigate through the multitude of opportunities available.

🔹Explore 🧭 diverse crypto investment options in CeFi and DeFi for different risk/reward profiles.
🔹Master the art of integrating, merging, and enhancing opportunities for a balanced portfolio ⚖️.
🔹The small market cap of this asset class offers a wide range of investment strategies, making selection challenging.

Watch this webinar featuring Paul Zemsky, Michael Schwartz from Arena Digital Capital, and Glenn Rosenberg from ML Tech.

🔵 The BCIF Crypto Blue Chip Index stands out with its distinct methodology designed to offer a stable and data-driven approach to crypto investment. This unique index encompasses a selection of up to 30 cryptocurrencies, meticulously chosen based on a strict set of criteria, where assets are allocated directly into the coins.

BCIF Methodology:
🔹Data Driven Decision Making with Zero Emotions 🤖
🔹Equal Allocation across up to 30 CryptoCurrencies 🏦
🔹Exclusion of Stable Coins, Privacy Coins and Utility Token 🔒
🔹No rebalancing, no trading 🚫
🔹Weekly Composition Review 🗓️

🔵 Watch our webinar with Bertram Seitz and Katja Damij and acquire valuable insights on:
🔹Why to diversify in Crypto?
🔹What are the advantages of an Index compared to single assets investments?
🔹Why choose a Data Driven Zero Emotion Approach instead of an actively managed Crypto portofolio?
🔹What is the BCIF Crypto Blue Chip Index?
🔹How to get access to a Crypto Index Investment Product?
🔹How does BCIF share the success of the Index?

▪️Global 🌏 macro, cross-asset class overview

▪️3 key macro trade ideas 💡

▪️Idea generation, sizing, implementation, risk plan 🗺️

These are the key points that Alfonso Peccatiello will cover in his upcoming webinar.

Join Alf from The Macro Compass as he outlines the 3 best risk/reward macro ideas 💡 he sees at the moment. Søren Haestrup from COHERRA will be joining him to cover all aspects of macro trading, including idea generation, sizing, execution, and risk planning.

▪️Discover the Vital Importance of Critical Minerals: 🧭 Delve into the essential role that critical minerals play in technology and defense sectors, with a focus on their significance in powering electric vehicles, renewable energy sources, and cutting-edge military equipment.

▪️Analyze 🔎 Defense Sector Dynamics: Review the defense sector’s resurgence, emphasizing the shift from “deterrence by punishment” to “deterrence by denial” in adapting to evolving geopolitical threats.

▪️Examine Geology and the Challenge of Mineral Sourcing – Understand the difficulty in redrawing the supply chains posed by the geographic 🌏 distribution of mineral endowment.

▪️Assess Strategic Vulnerabilities: Investigate the vulnerabilities faced by the US 🇺🇸 and its allies due to collective dependence on critical minerals sourced from politically unstable or hostile regions and discuss the necessity for a strategic reassessment of these dependencies.

▪️Understand Market 📊 and Policy Impacts: Delve into the complex relationship between critical minerals and global stability, analyzing how these dynamics influence both market trends and geopolitical strategies.

In a rapidly transitioning world, the importance of critical minerals ⛏️ extends far beyond the realms of electric vehicles and green technologies. These pivotal resources play a fundamental role in global defense and security, shaping the future of industries and geopolitical stability.

Join Stuart Macliver, Tomasz Nadrowski and Scott Sowell from Amvest Terraden for this enlightening 💡 webinar to delve into the multifaceted implications of strategic metals. Discover how they support both technological innovation and global defense capabilities, uncover crucial challenges, and explore the opportunities that lie ahead. Gain an understanding of why this topic is critically relevant today and how it will influence tomorrow’s world.

Joining our upcoming webinar with Kaia R. Parv, CFA from AsiaLinq will provide you with valuable insights into:

▪️Their mission of supporting the underserved and unserved businesses 👔

▪️Using technology and alternative data 🤖 in credit underwriting

▪️Risks in private credit portfolio 💼 management

▪️One to many underwriting strategy ♟️ through the power of partnerships

Private credit as an asset class has been in the spotlight due to high interest rates, yet risks and bottlenecks in private underwriting remain unresolved.

Join our webinar to learn about groundbreaking 🚀 strategies to redefine the private credit landscape, including leveraging partnerships with e-commerce platforms, utilizing advanced data analytics for risk assessment, and driving operational efficiency through technology.

🍒 Why is it a win-win for bond investors?

By investing in a higher yielding bond portfolio today, you can benefit from increased returns due to higher interest payments whilst rates remain high.

🍒 And if and when rates are cut, you will also enjoy the rally in prices of fixed-rate bonds.

Impressive results 📈 achieved by Geneva Capital Partners with a remarkable +22.4% annualised net return post our recent webinar on 20th Sept 2023, titled “Why is now the time to invest in corporate bonds.”

Don’t miss out on the opportunity 👀 – The uncertainties in the Middle East leading to inflation concerns, coupled with robust inflation figures from the US, have delayed the expected rate cuts, resulting in a decline in the value of long-term fixed-rate bonds in April creating a further discount for investors.

The GCP Fixed Income Master Fund holds both floating and fixed rate bonds.

▪️Better returns and less risk: the benefits of quality at deep value 📊

Discover how focusing on high-quality, undervalued assets can lead to superior returns while minimizing risk. Learn how Ausonio’s commitment to thorough research and disciplined investment strategies sets us apart in the market 🏦.

▪️How I learned to stop worrying about volatility and love concentration 🧘‍♂️.

Uncover 👀 the power of concentration in building a strong investment portfolio. Hear firsthand from our experts about the advantages of investing in overlooked gems and the value of staying focused on a select number of opportunities for long-term growth.

Delve deeper into the Ausonio investment philosophy, which focuses on high-return-on-capital businesses at deep-value valuations, compounding over 1,500% return (net to investor) over the past >18 years 📈.

Join Luca Franza and Søren Hæstrup and explore 🧭 the current portfolio, highlighting key holdings and recent performance. Looking ahead to 2024, discuss potential market trends, investment opportunities, and strategies for navigating any potential challenges.

Riding the Research Coverage to Superior Alpha

▪️Not shying away from Mag 7 or big cap but now it will pay to be selective
▪️PROP, SUN – The top opportunities
▪️Outlook for US small caps in 2024 and beyond – Allocation priorities

The Great Rotation Part II
Robert Maltbie’s fund, Argonaut 2000 has delivered an outstanding 25% 📈 return since his previous webinar of the Great Rotation between December 19, 2023 and 27 March, 2024.

Join Robert Maltbie,CFA from Millennium Asset Management and Chris Sakai, CFA, MBA from Singular Research as they share their investment strategies for 2024 🚀.

How to invest in today's trending market?

Come learn with Robin Thörn and Jens Olsson from SilverDome Investment Partners as they explore 🧭:

▪️Optimizing your portfolio in a trending market 📊
▪️Strategies for effective risk management and diversification
▪️Achieving a consistent and substantial return on your investments 🏦

The recent strong run in equity markets might prompt some investors to reevaluate their strategies. Things to consider and what are the crucial do’s and don’ts?

Considering the current landscape, it is crucial to evaluate portfolio risk effectively.

Robin Thörn, Jens Olsson, and the team at SilverDome Investment Partners boast extensive international experience overseeing some of the largest funds globally 🌎. SilverDome One was established to oversee the founder’s personal savings, leveraging decades of expertise in asset management.

When The Bond Market Talks, You Better Listen

What does Alfonso see as the unique opportunities in fixed income that made him decide to return to asset management in 2024?

▪️ Markets 📊 are partying like it’s 1995, but the Fed only cut 3 times back then and kept rates truly high for long: can the economy really handle this in 2024?

▪️ “When will something break in the US 🇺🇸 is not the most relevant question; the crucial one is where something might break elsewhere in the world.”

▪️ Issues are currently arising in China 🇨🇳, and policymakers are employing ineffective strategies, which could lead to significant spillover effects globally.

▪️ Other economies, such as Europe 🇪🇺, Canada 🇨🇦, Sweden 🇸🇪, the UK 🇬🇧, and New Zealand 🇳🇿 are facing fragility – be prepared for potential macroeconomic volatility.

▪️ Quantitative Tightening has been cautiously managed thus far, resulting in limited impacts on markets…but brace yourself for imminent changes ahead ⏩!

Learn from Alfonso Peccatiello from @The Macro Compass as he delves 💪 into the upcoming challenges faced by Central Banks post the pivotal meetings in March, including the Fed’s update. Adding to the conversation, Søren Haestrup from COHERRA together with Alfonso, will explore strategies aimed at steering clear of the pitfalls of the 1970s era, all while navigating through economic uncertainties.

Join Alfonso as he examines the fiscal landscape for the next decade, analyzes demographic trends, and evaluates bond market indicators 📊, aiming to provide valuable insights for all webinar attendees.

How to Access and Extract Alpha from Digital Asset Markets

Discover 🧭 the exciting realm of digital assets and extracting alpha from its markets in the next 3-6 months with insights from top hedge fund experts, Jaime Baeza, CEO @ ANB Investments and Glenn Rosenberg, COO @ ML Tech:

▪️The Current State of the Crypto Markets 📊: Gain exclusive insights into the rapidly evolving world of digital assets. Our speakers will provide a comprehensive analysis of the current market trends, liquidity, volatility, shedding light on the opportunities and challenges that define this moment in the digital asset space.

▪️Accessing Markets: Fund, SMA, ETF… – Pros and Cons: Learn the pros and cons associated with each approach, allowing you to make informed decisions tailored to your investment goals. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or a newcomer, this segment promises valuable insights into optimizing your market entry strategy 🚀.

▪️Alpha Extraction Strategies: Uncover 🔎 the secrets of extracting alpha from digital asset markets. Our experts will unveil various strategies that have proven successful, providing you with actionable insights to enhance your investment portfolio. Discover what sets apart the strategies that are currently delivering superior results in the digital asset space.

▪️A Glimpse into the Future: As we explore the intricacies of digital assets, we’ll also discuss the potential future developments and emerging trends. Stay ahead of the curve 🙌🏽 and position yourself strategically in this ever-evolving landscape.

Join our distinguished speakers representing leading investment houses 🏦, as they bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the discussion. Jaime and Glenn and their deep knowledge of digital assets, will share invaluable perspectives and strategies to help you navigate the markets with confidence.

Bitcoin in Your Portfolio: A Conversation with Crypto's Premier Estate & Wealth Planner

Dive 🤿 into the pressing topics on our investors’ minds. What are the tax implications of crypto transactions, how to conduct a strategic wealth-building, and the pros and cons of different jurisdictions.

Crypto investors are encouraged to freely ask questions about wealth management to our speakers.

Join us for a follow-up to last month’s “Bit by Bitcoin” webinar, where Samara Alpha Management CIO, Adil Abdulali, will be in conversation with Bespoke Group founder and wealth management expert, Matthew McClintock.

This webinar aims to foster an open dialogue 🗣️, so we welcome all participants to ask questions during the session as we dive into topics such as:

▪ the tax implications of crypto transactions
▪ strategic wealth-building techniques
▪ exploring the pros and cons of different jurisdictions
▪ any other burning questions you may have.

Bitcoin ETF - Hype Versus Real Expectations

Let’s cut through the hype and get straight to the point 🫵. Why is the BTC ETF so important? What does it mean for the progress of the crypto industry? Will it have a long-term positive impact?

On January 10, 2024, the SEC approved a spot BTC ETF, marking a significant moment in crypto history. This news 📰 was met with enthusiasm within the crypto community. The approval of this ETF brings traditional investment exposure to crypto, legitimizes the asset class, increases its mainstream presence, and indicates further institutionalization.

In our upcoming webinar, we will discuss this matter with key 🗝️ players closely involved: Jeffrey Park, CFA from Bitwise Asset Management, Megan Rust, CFA from Franklin Templeton, and David Lawant from FalconX.

Join Valmar Capital LLC and its guests to delve into these questions.

Energizing the Future: Critical Minerals at the Crossroads of Security and Sustainability

Explore 🧭 the nexus of critical minerals, energy ⚡️ security, and the global energy transition in Energizing the Future: Critical Minerals at the Crossroads of Security and Sustainability.

This webinar offers an in-depth analysis of the strategic challenges and opportunities at the intersection of geopolitics and the green 🌱 economy. Industry leaders and investors will gain insights into navigating the competitive dynamics shaped by global market 📉 forces and policy decisions, underscored by Amvest Terraden’s commitment to driving sustainable and secure energy solutions.

Here are some key 🗝️ takeaways you’ll get from attending the webinar:

  • Introduction to Critical Minerals: Importance in electrification, energy ⚡️security, decarbonization, and defense industries.
  • Global EV Market 📉 Dynamics: The tariff impact and the competition between Tesla and Chinese manufacturers like BYD.
  • The Decarbonization Dilemma: The cost of green 🌱 policies and the debate over decarbonization with or without China.
  • China’s 🇨🇳 Strategic Maneuvers: Energy insecurity, strategic stockpiling, coal as a strategic asset, and dominance in battery technology and mineral refining.
  • Western Response: Necessity of re-industrialization and building supply chains in geopolitically stable regions 🗺️ – investing in gigafactories, mining, and mineral development.
  • Market Volatility and Investment Opportunities: Price volatility of critical minerals ⛏️, investment strategies amidst market cycles, and the emphasis on energy security.

2024 Outlook: Getting Low Beta, High Alpha from the Equity Market

Markets are priced for perfection. You need a strategy that can deliver high alpha because beta (market) returns are unlikely to be great in the next two years. 🚀 That’s exactly what we’ll be uncovering next week with Lukasz Tomicki, Founder at LRT Capital Management, LLC.

Here are 3 key takeaways you’ll get from attending the webinar:

  • Learn why markets are priced for perfection and equity upside will be limited in 2024 without a bubble
  • Discover how to transition from a “plan for perfection” to a “plan for disaster”
  • Understand how to generate alpha returns when beta will be low or negative in 2024’s climate

Learn how to navigate today’s priced-for-perfection markets and set your portfolio up for success in 2024.

Bit by Bitcoin: An Analysis of the Digital Asset Market and Current Investing Opportunities

In this webinar Adil and Adam will discussed: 

• Brief overview of the digital asset market, particularly following the approval of spot bitcoin ETFs.
• BTC investment opportunities, including alternative ways of generating wealth from bitcoin.
• How seasoned asset managers address concerns such as counterparty risk and managing tax implications.

Navigating the Future: A Deep Dive Into The Success of EDGE Sustainable Growth

Get answers to key questions about the success of the HUMAN EDGE Investment Technology Sustainable Growth fund:

  • How exactly did the fund manage to be up 13%+ YTD and place in the top quartile of its peer group in its first year?
  • What are the specific long-term growth trends the fund sees potential in despite recent market volatility?
  • What is the fund’s strategy for reducing its carbon footprint by 40-50% compared to standard benchmarks?
  • What shift occurred in late 2022 to renew optimism about equities?
  • How does the fund’s outlook for more equity exposure in 2024 seek to capture continued upside?

Oil: A New Philosophy on an Old Commodity

GEIM explains why they are marrying two different types of traditional oil and gas investment strategies; why hard assets make a lot of sense right now. 

Watch now to learn more!

Event Title: Evolution of the Ecosystem: Top Crypto Service Providers Unveil Progress

In our upcoming session, we will bring together representatives from leading service providers within the crypto space to discuss industry pain points, critical solutions, and the ongoing evolution of the crypto ecosystem.  For the asset class to truly thrive, it will require a strong community and the collaboration of top-notch service providers.  Hear from them and their numerous positive developments for the space.

Unveiling the Future of Investment: Exploring BOLD - Bitcoind and Gold Combined

The 21Shares Bytetree BOLD ETP (BOLD) aims to deliver inflation protection by tracking an index that gives optimal risk-adjusted exposure to bitcoin and gold. Learn about it in this webinar.

The role of Critical minerals in the changing geometry of global strategic flows

Understanding the geopolitical and capital market challenges faced by investors in critical minerals.  What is the shape of the opportunity set?

How to build a hyper-concentrated portfolio for long term gains

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the potential of hyper-concentrated portfolios to outperform the market.

Newest Market Wizards - Crypto Edition

Join Valmar for our second webinar on advanced crypto hedge fund strategies. Gain actionable insights from top traders and managers.

Exposing the Hype: Sifting through the Noise in Digital Asset Investing

In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, staying informed and making informed investment decisions is more crucial than ever. Our webinar will be your compass in this exciting yet volatile landscape.

Why is now the best time to invest in corporate bonds?

A corporate bond is a debt instrument issued by companies in the capital markets.

  • pays an interest rate annually to compensate investors for the risk

  • allows for multiple investors

  • can be held in various sizes usually in units of 100,000, eg $300,000

  • can be traded in the market at any time

  • bond will be repaid at 100% of its original value at maturity

Watch now to learn more!

AI & The Future Hedge Fund Stars

We used our A.I. expertise and research framework to build a model capable of forecasting ETFs returns.
We then used these predictions in a long-short strategy obtaining a consistent profit.

Watch now to learn more!

The XX Edge and how to unlock superior performance

Have you ever wondered if there was something you could easily do that would give you an edge? An XX / Female edge to achieve better performance? Well there absolutely is!

Exploring Sophisticated Crypto Trading Opportunities

In this interview with Coherra’s founder Søren Haestrup, we discuss a variety of trading and investment opportunities in digital assets. We cover a wide spectrum of strategies, from various arbitrage models to DeFi yield and MEW, and why Valmar is building a multi-strategy platform for institutional investors.

Kakubi’s EU Carbon Allowances Outlook

Join Lawson Steele, one of the leading experts on EUAs, as he shares his insights on the future of EUAs and the Kakubi ecosystem built around KKBs. This is a must-attend event for anyone interested in the intersection of carbon trading and blockchain.

Digital Assets & Blockchain - today and tomorrow

The Head of Research, Eliézer Ndinga will explain the use of blockchain technology, the development of the crypto market, and how to navigate the digital asset space.

Gold, Silver & Mining Outlook 2023

Join us to find out why AuAg Funds considers gold and silver investments to be true winners in the…

Looking Ahead: Coherra & The Future of Finance

This is your chance to meet the people and stakeholders from Coherra and learn the latest about how we build…

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