How to build a hyper-concentrated portfolio for long term gains

Thursday | 26 Oct. 2023 | 9:30 AM CEST | 8 AM BST

Duration: 60 minutes

Luca Franza

Fund Manager @ Ausonio Fund

Søren Hæstrup

Founder @ Coherra

In a time where most investors choose to diversify, hyper-concentrated portfolios aren’t exactly advertised on the asset managers’ menu. 

But that’s exactly how some of the greats like Warren Buffet, Stanley Druckenmiller, and George Soros have built their fortunes.  

During the session, we will dive into Luca’s stock selection process, including:

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Luca’s unleveraged portfolio with a maximum of 10 stocks has delivered an IRR of 14% since inception (+30% in the last 5 years).

Being a value investor requires patience while other sectors get hyped, but Luca has managed to successfully establish Ausonio Fund as a European boutique investment vehicle for long-term investors.
Since the fund’s inception in 2008, it has kept a leading Italian family office from the financial sector as the anchor investor and built a track record that accepts volatility as part of the opportunity framework.
Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore the potential of hyper-concentrated portfolios to outperform the market.