Newest Market Wizards - Crypto Edition

Tuesday | 17 Oct. 2023 | 5 PM CEST | 4 PM BST | 11 AM EST

Duration: 60 minutes

Jonathan Man

CIO @ Valmar Capital


Luca Toscani

COO @ Valmar Capital

Join Valmar for our second webinar on advanced crypto hedge fund strategies. Gain actionable insights from top traders and managers.

Key takeaways you will get:

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Join Valmar for our second webinar exploring sophisticated crypto hedge fund strategies.  In the upcoming session, we will bring together a select group of world-class traders/managers, offering you a unique opportunity to gain insights into their journeys, strategies, and trading/risk management methodologies.

From navigating the volatile waters of digital assets to implementing high-performance strategies, our experts will share their stories and offer a glimpse into the tactics that have propelled their continued success in crypto. The newest market wizards – crypto wizards – are here to stay; hear from them in their own words.

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