Looking Ahead: Coherra and the Future of Finance – Webinar Replay Now Available

We recently hosted a webinar called "Looking Ahead: Coherra and the Future of Finance," where we discussed some of the mega trends and insights we've gained from working with hundreds of pioneering financial institutions.

Søren Hæstrup and Bloomberg correspondent Ersoy Erkanzanci

We also shared how we see the industry evolving, as well as our plans to make an impact in the digital media space for financial content.

The webinar was also a test for us to bridge between our new collaboration in the Middle East with Bloomberg correspondent Ersoy Erkanzanci in Dubai and our founder Soren Haestrup from Copenhagen. We were excited to have the opportunity to bring together these two perspectives and to share our vision with our audience.

For those who missed the live webinar, we’re happy to provide a link to the replay, which you can watch below:

We hope that you find the replay informative and engaging, and that you gain valuable insights into the future of finance and the role that Coherra can play in shaping it. We welcome any questions or comments you may have about the webinar or about Coherra’s mission to transform financial content delivery. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected].

Thank you for your interest in Coherra, and we hope to see you at future webinars and events. You can sign up to receive invitations here.

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