Welcome byWiT

There is a first for everything! We are delighted to announce yet another Pioneer joining the Coherra network.

Coherra welcomes byWiT

Swedish-based capital investment firm byWiT is one of the first VC companies to share their research and process with investors through video. They’re operational growth investors, focusing on companies with strong ideas that challenge the market and traditional thinking.

That’s how Coherra and byWiT met in the first place: byWiT came to visit Coherra, considering us as a potential investment case for their own portfolio.

Now, they’re a client.

While we’ve had clients entering our cap table and advisor board before…having it happen the other way around would certainly be a first.

byWiT are true pioneers and visionaries within their domain. We’re honored to help strengthen their investor relations and assist byWiT’s mission to grow their portfolio and IPO in 3 years.

byWiT’s brand statement is “Our partners have one thing in common. They know something you don’t.” will now be challenged as they see the value created when sharing their knowledge with existing and future investors.

Welcome aboard!

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