Tokenization arrives on Coherra

We are thrilled to welcome our latest Pioneer: Kakubi AG! Founded by a multidisciplinary European, Kakubi AG is the company behind the KKB token. The KKB token brings compliant carbon to blockchain as the means to put a price on pollution and to fight against the climate emergency.

Coherra welcomes new pioneer: Kakubi

Kakubi AG was established within the canton of Zug, Switzerland, and operates under SRO affiliation to comply with the requirements of Swiss law. It’s founded by seasoned professionals with extensive knowledge of finance and technology.

The experienced team behind Kakubi AG includes:

  • Lawson Steele, top-rated equities analyst and one of the leading experts in carbon trading.
  • Carlo Sala, Assistant Professor and Director of the Master in Finance at ESADE Business School.
  • Pere Guerre, CEO, Computer scientist and serial entrepreneur, educated from Harvard University
  • Albert Armisen, CTO. He is currently a professor at UVic-UCC and an academic collaborator at ESADE Business School.

We look forward to helping Kakubi reach targeted audiences through our platform as they expand their mission to battle the most disruptive challenge to human survival—the climate emergency—through the use of blockchain, one of the most transformative forces in today’s society.

Welcome aboard!

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